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SAVE on your mounting water bills with automatic irrigation systems.

Top-quality irrigation systems for the perfect lawn

Are you tired of having to make-do with moving hoses and attaching sprinkler nozzles, seeing dry plants or losing corners of your lawn during the hottest part of summer? Sundance Landscape in Coos Bay, OR has the perfect solution! You can depend on our top-quality irrigation systems to keep your lawn hydrated through-out the changing seasons. Our dependable crew of fully licensed professional technicians will take care of all your irrigation services from design and installation, to repair and maintenace.


Our irrigation systems are automatic, making it easier for you to keep your landscape looking beautiful, minimizing weeds, and enhancing the growth of your desired plants. We provide fully automated, low-flow sprinkler heads, as well as drip irrigation systems. Call us at 541-266-0259 for more information.

  • Convenient - Fully Automated, No Manual Intervention

  • Conserve Water, Save Money

  • Protect Your Investment - Healthy Growth of Grass and Plants

4 great reasons to get yourself an automatic irrigation system

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